Cyclone achieves PDI G-101 rating for 3 models

We are delighted that the first three Cyclone models have achieved the much coveted PDI rating. 

  • FFC 10/60 (HC 1 in the UK) passed at 10 US GPM or .6 litres a second. 
  • FFC 15/100 (HC 2 in the UK) passed at 15 GPM or 1 litre a second. 
  • FFC 25/160 (HC 3 in the UK) passed at 25 GPM or 1.6 litres a second.

PDI is very much the gold standard for grease recovery units. Having achieved the rating at our stated flow rates gives our customers confidence that our products provide the very best grease management protection for their commercial kitchens.  We look forward to more of our products achieving PDI rating in the future.