Hydro Cyclone wins Catering Insight Dealer Choice Award for Grease Management

We are delighted that the Hydro Cyclone has won its first major award in the UK.  The Hydro Cyclone was officially launched in the UK in November 2020 and is distributed by Filta Environmental.

Catering Insight were showcasing what distributors deemed as the most innovative lockdown launches of the past twelve months.  Nearly 300 Senior Distributor Representatives were invited to vote AND an amazing 53% voted for the Cyclone.

We are really grateful to Catering Insight for arranging the awards and for all who voted for us Thank You. 

Awards voted for by industry peers are the most sought after. This means so much to everyone at FOG Fellow.


Read more page 24: https://www.cateringinsight.com/e-magazines/catering-insight-march-2021/